Corporate Wellness


Help Your Employees Get – and Stay – Healthy!

Frustrated by rising healthcare costs? 

Rising healthcare costs can be significantly controlled by getting employees to change unhealthy behaviors and take charge of their health.  

Concerned about employee absenteeism? 

The reason: poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, obesity and stress all factor into absenteeism, increased claims and turnover. Further, these lifestyle behaviors are prime factor in 80 percent of chronic - and costly - disease.  

Challenged by compliance, claims and turnover? 

Our presentations are action-oriented to help your employees make lasting changes to improve their health - and your bottom line.  


Healthier, happier employees have lower healthcare costs, fewer injuries, fewer absences and are more productive. They are also more committed to your organization.  

How we can help

  • We can design a customized program
  • We can help you design a program
  • We can add any of these presentations to an existing program

We come to you!